Tamara Harrison

Today I wanted to share with you the work of Perth-based Tamara Harrison. I met Tamara through Twitter when she introduced me to her handmade, paper wedding bouquets. I’ve seen similar things before but none of them are as beautiful as Tamara’s creations.

I love that she intersperses paper with different trinkets like bejeweled brooches or ribbons to create a bouquet that is completely unique and original. Go and check out her site for more information about her work.

(Tamara – just a head’s up – I’ll be wanting one of these for my someday wedding)

(Photo credit: Tamara Harrison)

I will finish writing my novel

So, I wrote a book. I actually sat down and churned out 70,000 words full of loveable characters that did stuff and experienced things. I was so pleased when I finished it because it was the one thing in my life that I knew I wanted to do.

A few people read the first five chapters and said how much they enjoyed them. And I was all “Hooray, I’m a real, proper writer!” Then I showed the next few chapters to someone who knows her stuff and she mentioned that there was a little too much drama and I needed to scale it back lest I give readers a heart attack. This criticism, while helpful (and not mean spirited in the slightest) caused me to seize up creatively.

I have been stuck for the better part of a year. And it’s been killing me.

I made the decision recently to finish the revised first draft of my book by my birthday (May 21) and to reach this goal I need to be surrounded by positivity. So today, dear readers, I present you with nothing but positive thoughts. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Be the person you know you are. Let’s all be positive together.

1. Print Liberation.
2. Parada Creations.
3. Prints by Stella Chili.
4. The Love Shop.
5. Joy Goldstein Studio.

Objects of Devotion

I was introduced to Jeanne Berg’s work back in February when she sent me an email (thanks Jeanne!). She creates beautiful collage pieces under the Magpie Workshop label. I was immediately struck by how serene and peaceful they look and have been saving them for a day like today.

I really love how Jeanne describes her work –

“I love paper too – or more specifically the cutting and pasting of it. For the last two years or so, I’ve been busily collaging luggage tags, match boxes, notebooks and most recently mini canvases. Most are peopled by my favorite Renaissance figures. I love being able to re-imagine them with birds and flowers and maybe the odd toadstool. I like to think of them as steadfast companions whether they mark a page in a book, are tucked in a coat pocket or watch over me from a place on the wall.”

1. Pocket Madonna Shrine.
2. Bookmark art tag – Flora.
3. Fleur.
4. Mademoiselle Riviere.

Holly Hughes Studio

I included Holly Hughes’ work in my St Patrick’s Day round-up the other week and I really wanted to show you some more of her work. Watercolours generally have a gentleness that I like and Holly’s work has this added ethereal quality that instantly puts you at ease. It might sound weird but looking at good watercolour work, for me, is like taking a deep breath. What do you think?

1. Bug Memory Game.
2. Framed Original Watercolor Painting – The Simurgh.
3. Fox bookplates.

Fun with paper dolls

As a kid I loved paper dolls. I think my favourite part about playing with them was the ease that you could change outfits. There was no wrestling with uncooperative arms or legs, you just had to fold and press a few tabs and you were done. Did you play with paper dolls when you were a wee little one? Perhaps you still play with paper dolls?

1. Jordan Grace Owens.
2. Crankbunny.
3. Paper Janes.
4. Sophie Parker.
5. Slovly.

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