The Brain Freeze

Valentines Day is taking a back seat today as I revel in the majesty of these The Brain Freeze prints.

I bookmarked this store back in December because I really liked the simplicity of the Tennessee-themed series of prints but after suffering through a terrible bout of sleeplessness (I’ve had 5 hours ‘sleep’ in two days) I have to say I’m drawn to the expired polaroid experiments (seen in image 1 and 4). That’s how I’m seeing the world at the moment. A little streaky. A little cloudy. Imperfect and hyperreal.

#1 – Brooklyn Bridge
#2 – Above My Home
#3 – Unbroken Circle
#4 – Four Cows

Amyisla Illustration

I love getting emails from artists. I love it when a creative person celebrates and shares what they do. Those kinds of emails make my day.

Amyisla McCombie sent me such a note. She’s a freelance illustrator from the U.K. and has recently graduated from Falmouth University. I really like her work and I hope you do too.

#1 – Princess and the Pea – my favourite
#2 – The Buffalos
#3 – The Quiet Gardener
#4 – Buffalos in the Wild

HiiH Lights

HiiH Lights from Cineastas on Vimeo.

The handcrafted paper lights created by HiiH Lights are mesmerising. I have the deepest respect for any artist that can transform their vision into something that is both tangible and beautiful.

This video (sent to me via Tristan Stoch – thanks Tristan) gives some insight into their collaborative and creative processes.

Benja Harney

I thought we’d take a look at the paperwork of Sydney artist Benja Harney who creates under the Paperform moniker. His work is breathtaking, amazing and so, so pretty. I’m sure you’ll love it.

^ The Crown Jewels commission by Incu and Topshop

^ Sia’s paper cloak and head dress for her album “We Are Born” (Photography: Liz Ham, Art Direction: Techa Noble)

^ Flamingos for the Animal Collective Nouns exhibition (seriously cool exhibition name btw) at Gaffa Gallery.

^ Mardi Gras Poster 2011 (Art Director: Técha Noble).

^ Insanely beautiful Christmas window (2009/10) for Hermès.

Image credit: Benja Harney.

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