Perfect Printables for Mother’s Day

O.K. so Mother’s Day is this Sunday (May 12th). If you’re still hunting down the perfect card, stop what you’re doing and have a look through this monster list of 25 perfect printables to honour your Mum.

Pencil and Thread

Paper and Pip

Splash of Silver

NHA Creatives

Emily Hingston

Confetti Prints Shop

Love Party Printables

Zest and Lime

A Stitch of Handmade

Paper Gravy Store

Paper Bear Print

EZ Party Kits

Love Party Printables

The Singing Trumpet

Main Street Chalk


Bling Bebe

Nerdy Kitten Designs

Hard Knox Creative

Spark My Mind Designs

Petek Design

Heather Loves Design

Lovely Designs UK

Zest and Lime

Sherri Nelson Studio

Yay for May!

It’s May – yay! May is my birth month (May 21st) and trust me when I say I am not one for sweeping my birthday under the rug. I love my birthday! I love celebrating my birthday! I love presents (hint, hint). I don’t like the fact that I’m edging closer towards 40 but hey let’s not talk about that, ok?!

In honour of it being May I thought we’d take a look at some emerald beauties.

1. Amanda Catherine Designs.
2. Tabitha Brown.
3. Ashley Pahl.
4. Emerald Green Moleskine from Notemaker.
5. A Precious Memory.

Lest we forget.

Today we remember the fallen. Those brave men and women who fought (and continue to fight) for the freedoms we enjoy. We celebrate their courage and reflect on their sacrifices.

I remember those in my family who fell on battlegrounds so far from home and those who returned but were changed for ever.

Today we pause and think of our heroes.

Lest we forget.

1. Mister Edwards.
2. Art Aquarelle.
3. TriBecas Vintage.
4. Michelle Brusegaard.
5. Studio Mo.

I will finish writing my novel

So, I wrote a book. I actually sat down and churned out 70,000 words full of loveable characters that did stuff and experienced things. I was so pleased when I finished it because it was the one thing in my life that I knew I wanted to do.

A few people read the first five chapters and said how much they enjoyed them. And I was all “Hooray, I’m a real, proper writer!” Then I showed the next few chapters to someone who knows her stuff and she mentioned that there was a little too much drama and I needed to scale it back lest I give readers a heart attack. This criticism, while helpful (and not mean spirited in the slightest) caused me to seize up creatively.

I have been stuck for the better part of a year. And it’s been killing me.

I made the decision recently to finish the revised first draft of my book by my birthday (May 21) and to reach this goal I need to be surrounded by positivity. So today, dear readers, I present you with nothing but positive thoughts. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Be the person you know you are. Let’s all be positive together.

1. Print Liberation.
2. Parada Creations.
3. Prints by Stella Chili.
4. The Love Shop.
5. Joy Goldstein Studio.

Home office love

I spend sooooo long in my home office. As a writer, I’m glued to my chair most days (I’m trying to finish writing my book as well as tackling client work!) so it would come as no surprise that I like to escape to other, cleaner, tidier places when I’m creatively blocked. For me, that means drooling over pics of gorgeous home offices. (Perhaps I should confess now that I’m equal parts paper nerd and office porn forager? To me, they go hand-in-hand.)

I like my office. When it’s cleaner I’ll take a pic and show you my natural habitat. Until then you’ll have to make do with my ten favourite home office boards (as found on Pinterest)!

» I’ll have an office that is cool when I go to Law School – Shelby Dodson
» Work*Space – Sharna Richardson
» Interior Design Home Office/Working Space – Didi Kasa
» A Place to Create – Inspire & Style with Vintage
» Organize that Home Office – Stephanie Therien
» Office I Dream Of – Emma Banfield
» Office Love – Domenica
» Work area / space, office room, inspiring corner… you name it! – Bábs
» Somewhere to Create – Kim Petana
» Studio Spaces – Emmaline Bailey

Image credits:
1. Eeek! Can’t find the credit for this one
2 The Writing Space of One Smart Pop Tart – Workspace Tour – Apartment Therapy
3. Jen’s Office Studio