Saying Sorry

Sometimes friendships falter. In some cases it’s easy to pinpoint where things went wrong. In others, the root of the problem is buried beneath mutual neglect or the old ‘growing apart’ excuse.

There is a particular friend that I lost that I regret terribly. I was a bad friend. I let her go. This post is for my friend that got away.

Don’t let your friends get away too. Send them a card (like one of these beauties) post haste!

1. Sad Shop.
2. Hum With Me.
3. The Little Illustrator.
4. Sam Osborne Store.
5. Able & Game.

The prettiest recipe cards

I’m not a good cook. I try really hard but I have more misses than hits in the kitchen. Most of the recipes I follow are printed out on random scraps of paper, or are bookmarked on my iPad, and trust me when I tell you I can’t cook without these written instructions. Which is why I love the idea of pretty recipe cards. I’m sure my culinary repertoire would increase if I used some of these lovelies.

1. Pickle Dog Design.
2. Tiny Farm Studio.
3. The Beautiful Project.
4. One Canoe Two.
5. Subaqueous Press.

Fluro frenzy

I grew up in the 80’s. I owned a pair of fluro yellow tube socks. Having lived through it the first time I never dreamed that it would make a comeback. But it did and I’m warming back up to it ever so slowly.
Are you a fan of the fluro? What 80’s trend would you most like to revisit?

1. Bombina Studios.
2. JLC Printables.
3. Les Miniboux.
4. Les Yeux d’Extase.
5. Besjes.

Are you on Pinterest? See some more fluro fun on the Pretty Paper Things board.

Loving: Chalkboard prints

The whole chalkboard thing has been around for a while now but it’s showing no signs of tapering out. I’m a fan of old signage (I used to be a signwriter a very long time ago) and chalkboards remind me of classic vintage charm. I’d have to say chalkboard prints are probably my biggest obsession of the moment. What do you think? Are you a fan of the chalkboard trend?

1. Print Press By Flea Market Trixie.
2. Steph Lawson Design.
3. Lily and Val.
4. Alexa Z Design.
5. Art Dazzle.

Bring on Autumn

Today is the first day of Autumn – hooray! Personally, I can’t wait for some serious Autumn chill. It’s been a long, hot, dry summer and I’m craving rain and sub 20°C degree days.

While we wait for the change of season, here are some Autumn inspired goodies to tide us over.

1. Autumn – What’s In Season print by Yours Is The Earth.
2. Fall Cards by Michelle Mach.
3. Baby Shower Printable by The Paper Blossom Shop.
4. Autumn Leaves Notecards by The Owl and the Envelope.
5. Mushroom cards by Sandbox Cards.

I’m loving – Stars

Because sometimes you just need to stop and look up at the stars…

#1 – Multicolor Stars and Sunflower Print Note Card by Thévy Guex.
#2 – Paper garland mini stars by MI + ED Design.
#3 – We Are Made Out Of Stars Postcards x 3 by Meera Lee Patel
#4 – Birthday card by Paper Ivy
#5 – Origami Stars ‘Ursa Minor’ by The Starcraft.
#6 – Starry pattern hand bound jotter by Sew Indie Shop
#7 – I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly To Be Fearful of the Night Poster by Hairbrained Schemes.
#8 – Origami Lucky Stars by .

Valentines Day Round-up Part Four

And so it is Valentines Day. May your day be filled with love – in whatever form it chooses to manifest itself.

I leave you, darling reader, with my favourite Valentines Day cards for 2013. Mwa!

#1 – Animal Valentines Card by Draw For Toffee.
#2 – You’ve Stolen My Heart by Quill and Fox.
#3 – Holding Hands by Hello Small World.
#4 – Fly Fishing Lure Card by Hartland Brooklyn Card Co..
#5 – I Can’t Believe I Found You by Sophie Blackall.

Miranti’s Valentine picks for him

Valentines Day is fast approaching, lovers, and call me sentimental but I love this sweet lil day. It’s such a wonderful reminder to celebrate love… however you choose to do so. I’m a big fan of sweet and funny handwritten notes, cooking an amazing dinner together, and a bit of candlelight. How do you like to celebrate?

When it comes to V-Day there are never any shortages of pretty things for the ladies but what about the fellas? It can be difficult to find a suitable gift for the man in your life. Of course, you could buy him chocolates, a t-shirt, that CD… but what kind of stationery blog would this be if we encouraged you to do that?

Show your sweetheart some love by impressing him with a gift that is both good looking and functional. Oh yes, it’s possible. There are no shortages of stylish gifts of the stationery variety. Here are some of my favourite finds

1. Typo Get Mugged Vintage Comic Mug
2. I-Trio Pen – Touch Pad Stylus & Ballpoint
3. Corban & Blair iPad cover
4. Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy
5. ACME Home&Studio by Frank Lloyd Wright Business Card Case
6. RawBKNY iPhone Wood Skin (Bamboo)

Wishing you all lots of love this Valentines Day!

Miranti Kayess

This is insomnia

I’m having such a hard time sleeping lately. It’s the worst feeling when you really need sleep but you can’t make your brain stop whizzing and whirring. I’m at day 3 of sleeplessness and these images speak to me.

#1 – Stars Over Home by Mojave Photography.
#2 – Tornado – Half Awake Series by Erin Tyner
#3 – Still Awake by Lindsay Bolin
#4 – Moonlight by Tubidu Graphics
#5 – Night Circus by Butterscotch and Beesting.