Miranti’s back-to-school must haves (for grown-ups)

My my, lovely readers, where have the weeks gone? We are well into the swing of this new year now. I don’t know about you, but I always feel that January is a bit of a fluffy month. It feels like a month-long introduction to the year ahead, a lot of people remain on holidays, and the rest of us are all still finding our rhythm as we return to work from our Christmas holidays. But then February arrives and a dose of reality comes along with it.

It’s back to school time in Australia but the fun of getting shiny new stationery needn’t be reserved for the kiddies. Channel your inner chic geek and treat yourself to some gorgeous back-to-school-inspired accessories! Make it grown-up and make it sophisticated. It’s like experiencing all the fun of returning to school with none of the bullies, grumpy teachers, or homework!

Here are some of my favourite finds for a grown-up back to school look:

1. Cambridge Satchel Company Leather 15″ Patent Batchel from ASOS
2. Leather A4 Compendium Skeppsholmen from kikki.k
3. Delphonics Cotton Roll Pen Case
4. Urban Dandy glasses from Bonlook
5. Leuchtturm1917 Pocket Notebook – Taupe from Pepes Paperie
6. Metal rollerball pen – Arror from kikki.k

Miranti Kayess pen&peplum

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie visitors. I hope you enjoy the day and have a bit of time to reflect on what being Australian means to you.

I’ll be getting together with my family later to have a swim (it’s going to be another hot one), eat some yummy dinner and watch the fireworks. Awesome day is awesome!

To celebrate, here’s part three in my Aussie themed round-up featuring some of my favourite Aussie designers and artists. Enjoy mates!

#1 – Spring Posy Print by Mitchell & Dent.
#2 – Abstract Shapes Art Print CIRCLES by AMMIKI.
#3 – Articulated paper doll – Surfing skating sloth by Luka Va
#4 – Wildflower Collection by Future Shelter.
#5 – Rabbit ice-cream sundae by Karli Aliza.
#6 – Vintage Wallpaper Greeting Cards by Delilah Devine.
#7 – Sleepy Fox Stamp by One Black Sheep.
#8 – Lolly Jars by Cake With Giants.

You can see more of my Australia Day picks over on Pinterest.

Australiana – Australia Day round-up part 2

Less than a week ’til the big day! All the cars in my suburb are being adorned with Aussie flags (you know the ones you tack onto your car window) and the local kids are plastering themselves with temporary tattoos and green and gold hair paint. Soon, soon it will be Australia Day.

I’ve just been told that the pavlova is my responsibility this year (eeeeek) so I’m a little freaked out but you can’t really go wrong with meringue and whipped cream, right?

#1 – Screen Print Pop Art Poster – G’Day by Mister Edwards Novelty Emporium.
#2 – Straya Card by Milly and friends.
#3 – Superb Fairy Wren Margin.
#4 – Vegemite Large Print by Pea Press.
#5 – Koala A4 Print by Depeapa.

Summer party decorating ideas

Planning a summer party? Here are some fun, bright and papery decorating ideas.

#1 – Pink lemonade poms by Pom Goddess.
#2 – Feather Garland by Scout And Acadia.
#3 – Pom wheels by Pom Tree.
#4 – Summer picnic garland by Mara May.
#5 – Spring and summer paper bunting by Peony And Thistle.
#6 – Bubble: Hanging Decorative Art / Origami Paper Ball – Mint by Fiber Lab.
#7 – Colorful Flower Paintings by Juliette Nelson.
#8 – Origami flower – Kiss of Sun by Wave Of Light.

Australiana – Australia Day round-up part one

One of my favourite holidays is just around the corner – Australia Day! I love this country and I know a lot of people around the world do too.

I invite you to pull on a pair of green and gold budgie smugglers and get warmed up for a rousing rendition of Waltzing Matilda because we’re about to get all Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi up in here!

#1 – Australia Day Invite or Card – Vegemite and Lamingtons by My French Sailor .
#2 – Thank you card wreath Australian flowers by Milly and friends.
#3 – Australia – Emu, Set of 3 Postcards by Fresh & Silly.
#4 – Green Rosella Parrot gift tags by Trees 4 The Wood.
#5 – You had me at G’day by Linnea – Swedish Design.

You can see more of my Australia Day picks over on Pinterest.

An ode to Summer

Well it’s summer down under and we’ve just had a long, hot heatwave. The thing about the heat down here is it zaps all of your energy. You don’t want to move. In fact the only thing you really want to do is hang around in air-conditioned darkness and while away hours on Pinterest. Or is that just me? Anywho, the season will be over in a blink of an eye so here’s to weeks of 35C+ temperatures and sleeping in sweat stained sheets!

clockwise from top left

#1 – Summer Popsicle card by Heartland Brooklyn Card Co.
#2 – That Summer Feeling poster by Jen Lea.
#3 – Summer Fruits A3 painting by Luciles Kitchen.
#4 – Beach girls postcards by Irena Sophia.

Want more summery paper stuff? Check out PPT on Pinterest.

Everyone needs bookmarks!

Being the avid reader I am I’ve amassed quite the collection of bookmarks. I love my Kindle and I use it all the time, but I miss slipping in an awesome bookmark at the end of a heavy reading session. As long as there are books there will be bookmarks though. Here are five awesome examples.

#1 – Unplug & Read by Kristin Crane.
#2 – Catherine by CUTandTEAR.
#3 – “I Swear We Were Infinite” by Ozzy and Lulu.
#4 – Use It Or Lose It by Black Heart Letterpress.
#5 – Howard Walowitz by Michael’s Medley.

Happy Anniversary

Well it was mine and the boy’s anniversary last week (on Halloween actually) but we didn’t do cards or presents this year – we went on a long weekend away instead! If we had have done cards any of these would have done nicely. Do you give anniversary cards? What are your favourites?

#1 – I’d Rather Grow Old With You by Pink Orchid Press.
#2 – One Love by Bears Eat Berries.
#3 – Happy Anniversary by Parrott Design Studio.
#4 – Porcupine Love by Piette Crafts.
#5 – Love That Moves The Sun And Other Stars by Raw Art Letterpress.


I’ve mentioned before how much I love books. Even thought I adore my Kindle there will always be something special about reading a brand new hardcover.

In the past I’ve used bookplates to stamp my ownership on my personal library but with my collection growing at a steady rate it’s not something I’ve kept up with. Do you put bookplates or book stamps on your books? Would you be more inclined to do so if you had bookplates that looked like these pretties?

top row
#1 – This is the Property by Barn Stationery.
#2 – Babushka Doll Bookplates by Pixels Plus Paper.
#3 – Custom bookplates by Nancy Nikko Design.

middle row
#4 – Books Can Take You Anywhere by The Little Fox.
#5 – Ex Libris banner by extase.
#6 – Mushroom bookplates by Typothecary Letterpress.

bottom row
#7 – Owl bookplates by Whimsy Whimsical.
#8 – Star Pals by Trafalgar Square.
#9 – Monogrammed bookplates by Pearenthical Press.

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