Lyrical prints

There are two things in the world that I can’t live without (well besides the boyfriend). Music and words. I don’t want to even contemplate a world where I didn’t have ready access to both.

So in celebration of my two loves I give you my favourite lyrical prints. Have a great Saturday!

left to right
#1 – Highway of Endless Dreams by Blue Order.
#2 – Decide What To Be And Go Be It by The Oyster’s Pearl.
#3 – Home is Wherever I’m With You by The Concepción Studios.
#4 – Bright Sunshiny Day by Farouche.
#5 – Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line by August Park.

Wrapping paper round-up

I spend ages choosing wrapping paper. A lot of the time I like to go with a theme – like a colour or a pattern that relates back to the gift I’m giving. Oh and I’m a bit of a wrapping paper hoarder too. I recently had to get rid of 10 near empty rolls that I’d shoved into the back of the cupboard. If you like wrapping paper as much as me, you’re going to love these.

top row left to right
#1 – Red Chevron from Mr Boddington’s Studio.
#2 – Little Houses by Placed.
#3 – Under Water by Emily Parker Designs.

middle row left to right
#4 – Enna Bear by Enna Shop.
#5 – Inka Gift Wrap – Earth Range by Inky Co.
#6 – Hearts by Toodles Noodles.

bottom row left to right
#7 – Jingle Bells by Sieben Morgen.
#8 – Day of the Dead by Holly Over The Moon.
#9 – Anyaman by MAHAMERU Shop.

Got any favourites that I didn’t feature? Let me know in the comments.

The wonderful world of coasters

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m a little bit pedantic about coaster use. My coasters are nowhere near as cool as these though.

Top row left to right
Mauve Raccoon Triangles by Wishbone Letterpress
The Big Lebowski by Ruffhouse Art
Pinecone coasters by Green Chair Press

Middle row left to right
Hand dip-dyed coasters by Thimble Press
Stripes by Pheasant Press
Cable Knit by Red Bird Ink

Bottom row left to right
Drinking Facts by Trimmings Shop
Colourful coasters by Wishbone Letterpress
Ampersand coasters by Green Chair Press

The prettiest lined envelopes

Say no to boring white envelopes! I think it’s time your written correspondence gets fancified. Here are some of the loveliest lined envelopes in the land (or Internet).

Poppy lined envelopes by Whispers of the Heart

Vintage Floral by Workbox

Mixed Marble by Laura

Plaids, Dots and Stars by Save The Earth Designs

Cherry Blossoms by StationAiry

Black and Gold Glitter by The Red Dahlia

Vintage inspired by Random Paper Etc

California Vintage Map by Workbox

Red Foil by Four All Occasions

Have you seen any lined envelopes that we should know about? Leave a message in the comments!

It’s Spring!

Well spring has sprung down here in the southern hemisphere which means the warmer weather will soon be on its way (it can’t come too soon!) Here’s some spring loveliness to get you in the mood.

Handmade Gerbera Daisy by JS Crafty Studio

Butterfly Garland by Janee Lookerse

Spring Pinwheel Bouquet by Double Delish Craft

Baby shower cards by Square Paisley Design

12 Bookplates – Fox, Rabbit and Hedgehog in Spring by Whimsy Whimsical

Spring Fling Heart garland by Paper Polaroid

Butterfly bottle label printables by Krown Kreations

The things we do with vintage books

I LOVE books. LOVE. I recently got a Kindle for my birthday and have fallen head over heels for e-Books too but nothing will ever replace my love of the printed word. There’s something about books; they hold promises and potential for adventure and discovery.

Some people do other things to books. They give them other opportunities to live on past their shelf life. Here are some of my favourites.

Vintage Study Book Envelopes - Happy August
Vintage Study Book Envelopes – Happy August

Wreath made of vintage book pages - Maggie Paggie Designs
Wreath made of vintage book pages – Maggie Paggie Designs

Cupcake toppers made from vintage books - Apples Modern Art
Cupcake toppers made from vintage books – Apples Modern Art

Wuthering Heights Book Clutch - Chick Lit Designs
Wuthering Heights Book Clutch – Chick Lit Designs

Paper Heart Garland - Couture by Ayca
Paper Heart Garland – Couture by Ayca Special offer: 10% discount from Couture by Ayca when you use the code: PRETTYPAPERTHINGS during the month of June!

And perhaps my very favourite thing to do with vintage books….grow crystals on them!
Paper Heart Garland - Couture by Ayca
This is a piece by sculptor and installation artist Alexis Arnold of the book Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell in a crystallised form. This is what Alexis says about her creations – “The crystal growth highlights or creates the aesthetics of these once-utilitarian objects that are entering the world of obsolescence, as well as acts to suggest past narratives and post-human futures laden with nostalgia, wonder, and the interminable progression of time.” (cred: Made in Slant). I’m not sure if I quite understand that, but I think it’s magical nonetheless.

Aussie Aussie Aussie – An Australia Day Feature!

Happy Australia Day fellow Aussies! We’re pretty lucky to live in such an ace country, am I right? We’re also really lucky to have so many talented designers and fellow paper nerds inhabiting our fair land. I thought I’d gather a few of my favourites into a big ole blog post. Happy reading!

Are you an Aussie paper lover/designer/stationery store owner? Leave a comment and let us know your details!

Bespoke Letterpress

Bespoke Press
“The Smell Of The Sea” Limited Edition Print

Mitchell and Dent

Mitchell and Dent
Rainbows and Unicorns Gift Card

Fine Ink Letterpress

Fluid Ink Letterpress
Letterpress Valentines Coaster Scandinavian Folk Style Tree of Life


Martini Thank You Notes

Bella Stationery Studio

Bella Stationery Studio
Thank You Cards Red Sketch


Dinky-Dye Print [05]

Poppies for Grace

Poppies For Grace
Red Wine Card


It’s A New Day greeting card

Mokoh Design

Mokoh Design
Australia Gift Card

(Image credit: Bespoke Press, Mitchell and Dent, Fine Ink Letterpress, Akimbo, Bella Stationery Studio, Messagemark, Poppies for Grace, kikki.K, Mokoh Design)

It’s going to be a scorching week!

Oh my goodness it’s going to be hot over here in Western Australia this week! Check out these scorching temperatures – ugggghhh!

I’m not looking forward to the hot, hot heat at all. I like summer, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t handle a few days of +35 degree days!

Now, I know my friends in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to the long, lazy days of summer so I thought I’d pull together some summer paper lovelies to get you through your deliciously cold day. For all of us enduring the heat, enjoy it now. After all, it will be winter soon.

Summer Polaroid Postcards
Summer Polaroid Postcards from Painted Fish Studio

Summer envelopes
48 Business card envelopes – summer theme from Zazink Paper Supply

Dandelion Flower Letterpress flat note card from Sweet Harvey
Dandelion Flower Letterpress flat note card from Sweet Harvey

Handmade Spiral Flowers - Indian Summer
Handmade Spiral Flowers ‘Indian Summer’ from Suzanne B Webb

Folksy Girls of Spring Summer and Autumn Postcard Collection from Inking Cap
Folksy Girls of Spring Summer and Autumn Postcard Collection from Inking Cap

Pencils wrapped in chiyogami from Maoiliosa
Pencils wrapped in chiyogami from Maoiliosa

Linocut Balloons in the sky Card / notelet from Vicky Day
Linocut Balloons in the sky Card / notelet from Vicky Day

(Image credits: Painted Fish Studio, Zazink Paper Supply, Sweet Harvey, Suzanne B Webb, Inking Cap, Maoiliosa, Vicky Day)

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