Today I’ll Slay New Printable Available Now!

I’ve been having a really big problem with procrastination lately. I find if I start the day without a plan, or a to-do list, I’m just not productive and wasting a day seems so…wrong….especially when there are people out there who’d give anything for another day. So, I called upon the powers of BeyoncĂ© to help me get my butt in gear. If you need to slay your day, I hope this printable helps you too.

Need an editorial calendar/blog post planner?

You may or may not know that I do a LOT of blogging. I blog here at Pretty Paper Things, I blog at my writing site and I also blog for a heap of awesome clients. Now, there are all kinds of fancy schmancy editorial calendars that plug into WordPress (I’m using CoSchedule at the moment and it is awesome) but I also need to have a paper calendar for brainstorming and scheduling. So I made my own!

You can download a copy of the A2 version here. September’s calendar will be up on Etsy in the last week of August.

Here’s mine being put to very good use!