Friday Five With Agnes Barton-Sabo

You guys, this is the last Friday Five With for 2012. Thank you so much to the artists, designers and photographers that have been a part of it. I’m taking a little time off over Christmas to re-charge but don’t fear, the blog will be back in full force in mid January.

Now onto today’s guest!

Agnes Barton-Sabo hails from Oregon where she creates awesome art under the Betty Turbo moniker. She was the first person to send mail to my brand new Pretty Paper Things P.O. box and her Ultimate Warrior with heaps of cookies print is one of my favourite things ever. Lets learn a little more about this lovely, creative lady.

How would you describe your city/town to someone that has never visited?

Corvallis is a small city full of beautiful green areas and magical woods covered in moss. There is not a lot of Happening City Action here, (I go up to Portland for that), but it is a mellow place to hide out and make a lot of art. It is a very well-educated community, people joke that even the dishwashers have Masters degrees. I can (and do!) get anywhere in town by bicycle. There is one French bakery for croissants, but no decent cupcakes or donuts in town.

What was your favourite TV show as a kid?

As I kid I grew up on the standard fare of cartoons and Muppets, but at age 6 or 7 I found my true favorite in Perry Mason, and have been a fan of courtroom & police procedural shows ever since.

What’s your favourite font?

Almost all the typography work I do is hand-lettered, and I am most drawn to other letters created by hand, but in printed matter I have a soft spot for the font Cheltenham.It was always one of my favorites to work with in my letterpress printing days (and a common one used in Job Case Layout diagrams!), and I enjoy seeing it in images of old newspapers, or occasionally on signs. It is not uncommon for me to text friends pictures of a sign, which leaves them completely puzzled, wondering why I am texting them “Lactation Center” until they realize it happens to be Cheltenham. Or Cooper Black. Got to photograph that one every time too.

What design/piece of work are you most proud of?

I am really proud of my Motivational Speakers series. I know, there isn’t even any food imagery in them! But I also consider positivity an essential element of my work, and those prints (and later pillows) more than anything else I have done, have been tweeted, blogged, tumbled, and posted so many zillions of times. I have received so much feedback from total strangers about them, that I really feel like the very sincere and strong messages I wanted to put out into the universe were able to truly connect and resonate with many people.

Do you have a treasured possession?

I treasure handmade gifts and I am certain the energy you put into them has an effect on their enjoyment. I have a quilt my mother made me when I was in college, so it isn’t ancient but it has already lived several places with me. Everyone else loves it too. (I keep it on the sofa to share its awesomeness). I know I will have it forever and I’m willing to bet it will exist long after that too. I love to think about all the time and thought it takes to create things like quilts, which can really be treasured heirlooms for ages and ages, so I am committed to making them for other people too!

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