Friday Five With Jonathan Chapman

Are you glad it’s Friday? I am. It’s my favourite day of the week after all. As an extra-special Friday treat I’m so excited to introduce the talented Jonathan Chapman (from Mr Yen Papercuts) as today’s Friday Five With superstar.

What inspires you?

Nature through and through! I’m very inspired in the detailed simplicity that I think everything in nature has.

What’s the best piece of artistic advice you’ve been given?

Experiment…because you never know until you try!

Out of all the pieces you’ve created, what’s your favourite?

My latest paper cut titled “If you’re waiting for a sign…” as I love the message and that it can mean so many different things to so many people.

Paper Cutting looks like an incredibly intricate process. Why did you choose this art form?

I think it chose me – Its intricate, detailed, meticulous, incredibly creative and very hands on…plus I think it’s a way of nature teaching me how to be patient as it’s the one thing I’m not!

Finish this sentence “I couldn’t live without…”

Good food, sleep, my scalpel and my loveable french bulldog Toby!