Hello paper nerds!

I'm back

I’m back paper nerds! I haven’t abandoned you!

I’m so sorry for leaving you hanging for, well, most of 2015. I have a number of excellent excuses though. I was sick at the start of the year (I was a frequent visitor to the ER) and then PPT was ‘hacked’ and then I was busy with work and uni and before I know it… it’s July! Please forgive me 🙂

While I didn’t anticipate having six whole months off blogging I’m kinda glad I did. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back to assess what’s important, right?

Anyway I am back with renewed passion and lots of fun paper loving posts planned so keep checking in. Also, follow me on Pinterest, FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up with my daily posts and sign-up for the weekly email of awesomeness that is delivered every Sunday afternoon.

It’s good to be home. xo