I heart you Smiggle

My nieces and I share a lot of things; our good looks, our off-the-cuff, witty repartee and our disturbing obsession with Smiggle. If you have never been into a Smiggle store you are missing out big time. It’s a religious experience. It’s like nirvana for kawaii stationery freaks.

With Christmas only 6 weeks away (!!!) I wanted to show you some sweet stocking stuffers Smiggle-style. Stay tuned next week too – I’m going to be sharing my favourite Smiggle gift packs! Yay for Smiggle!

1. Sound reaction clock.
2. Treats scented stickers.
3. Penguin electric sharpener.
4. Treeats pop-out pencil case.
5. Retro graphic headphones.
6. Treats memo sheet pad.