Molli & Mimi

My little sis and I were wandering through Target today when I spied some pretty sweet office accessories. The colours are fab, the patterns are delish and, to be honest, it was really lucky that we didn’t have a trolley because I would have loaded that thing up!

Keep your eyes peeled for these pretties – I have a feeling that they will be snapped up pretty quickly!

1. Molli & Mimi B5 Soft Cover Notebook – Floral .
2. Molli & Mimi Covered Stackable Document Tray – Black.
3. Molli & Mimi Textured A6 Notebook – Pink.
4. Molli & Mimi Pen Cup Cloth – Black.
5. Molli & Mimi Embossed A5 Notebook – Black.
6. Molli & Mimi Covered Document Drawer – Pink.
7. Molli & Mimi Embossed Matt Pencil Pouch – Pink.
8. Molli & Mimi Woven Texture iPad Case.
9. Molli & Mimi Covered Magazine File – Black.

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  1. Jess January 19, 2015

    Hi, the black molli & mimi stationary gear is gorgeous, are there any other stores they are available from apart from target?

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