JooJoo Paper

Aren’t these cards and prints by Afsaneh Tajvidi’s JooJoo Paper simply beautiful? The illustrations are stunning, especially the florals. Here’s what she says about her inspiration – “I am a big believer in finding joy in simple pleasures of life and sharing them with others. It can be as simple as finding a pretty autumn leaf on the ground or trying a new fruit for the first time. I love to create the kind of art that celebrates these joyful little things.”

Instagrammer of the week #036 – Elise Hurst

How amazing it must be to be able to pluck an image from your imagination and recreate it on a page? I admire artists like today’s Instagrammer Elise Hurst. She captures a world of anthropomorphic animals, fierce females and other fantastical beasts.

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Notemaker becomes Milligram Studio

So Notemaker dropped some pretty big news yesterday. They’ve announced a few changes, the first being a name change from Notemaker to Milligram Studio. They’ll also be opening physical stores (the first being in Melbourne) as well as launching their own stationery line. All existing Notemaker goodies – like the coveted ‘Friend for life’ status (yes, of course I have it) will remain the same. It sounds like there are some exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to see what comes next for the team.

Speaking of things coming next, I’m really liking the look of the Milligram branded diaries. They’re beautifully designed (they collabed with Beci Orpin on the design so it’s a given), with simple, yet usable layouts and they can (apparently) withstand most pens and fountain pen ink which is always a bonus. I’ll be sure to get my hands on one or two so stay tuned.

Notemaker's new Milligram brand diaries are cute
Notemaker's new Milligram brand diaries are cute
Notemaker's new Milligram brand diaries are cute

Underwater themed art – perfect for kids’ rooms

We’ve always looked to the sea for decor inspiration (especially for kids’ rooms). I think this is because ocean and underwater themed art gives a room extra serenity and if there is one thing nurseries or kids rooms need it is serenity.

What do you think about an under-the-sea theme for kids room decorating? Are you a fan?

Irish Shells

16 Bean Studio

My Little Crazies

Cobble Stone Studio

Kayla Conyer

Art Tour

Book review – The Dream Walker by Victoria Carless

Even though I love books, I hadn’t read much this year. I won’t horrify you with the number of unread books that I have scattered all over the house but let’s just say there are a lot. I’d been in a reading funk but the drought has broken and the book to do it was The Dream Walker by Victoria Carless.

The Dream Walker tells the story of sixteen-year-old Lucy Hart. It’s set in a small Queensland fishing hamlet called Diggers Landing where fish is the local currency. But the fish aren’t biting and some of the local ‘characters’ think they know why and who is to blame. All Lucy wants is to finish high school and head to the city with her best friend Polly and her crush Tom and make a new life away from the river but untangling herself from Diggers Creek proves harder than she thought.

I like this book for a lot of reasons. I like how Carless weaves the river throughout the narrative so that it becomes another character – and rightly so considering it’s importance to the town. I like the unique town characters that she captures without turning them into caricatures of ‘country’ folk. I love how Lucy navigates through the strained relationship with her father after her mother’s death.

But most of all, I love the language Carless uses. She has a way of describing the languid, late summer days and the oppressive heat that here, in the late throes of winter, I could feel its smothering weight. I could almost smell the heat on the corrugated lean to and it felt like I knew, and always had known, the people of Diggers.

“Everything about this place appears weary and bemused. Folks have been here forever but they walk around like they’re not sure how that came to be. It’s rumoured that we all came from four original families. It’s best not to think too much about that.”

I have so many page flags and post-it notes sticking out of this book marking clever turns of phrase or passages that speak to me. For me, that’s the mark of a good book, and Carless is an exceptional storyteller. In this book she weaves a magical tale about hope, life and love that is well worth a read and sure to captivate.

The Dream Walker by Victoria Carless is available on Booktopia as a paperback and an eBook.


Instagrammer of the week #035 – The Dear You Project

Snail mail lovers, the Dear You Project’s Instagram feed will fill you with inspiration and perhaps a little mail envy too. Created by the very talented Beatrice (who lives in a small town in Italy), it’s a visual diary of incoming and outgoing mail as well as requests for pen pals. Paper nerds will love this feed!

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