Father’s Day favourite cards

My Dad is pretty awesome. Whenever I need him he is there to help me through life’s little tests and obstacles. I know I’m very lucky to have a Dad like him.

Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday September 3 in Australia) so if you’re celebrating the day with a Dad or a Dad-like person here are a few of my favourite Father’s Day cards.

Word Finders Club

Fox and Son

Able and Game

Olive and the Volcano

Milk and Cookies

The art of Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire is an artist from Sheffield in the UK. I was initially drawn to his black and white abstracts (no surprises there) but after browsing through his portfolio, his work with oil an acrylic are equally as expressive and bold. Check out some more of Paul’s art on his website and pop over to his store to grab a giclée reproduction of his beautiful work.

The art of Paul Maguire

The art of Paul Maguire

The art of Paul Maguire

130430 (storm ii)

The art of Paul Maguire

Instagrammer of the week #034 – The Workspace Stylist

I have saved so many images from The Workspace Stylist’s Instagram feed. I just can’t get enough of the clean and pristine spaces, clutter-free desks and carefully ordered tchotchkes. I aspire to have a nice office but for now I’m fine with looking at other peoples.

Follow The Workspace Stylist on Instagram and while you’re there add me too!

Celebrating Llama love

Llamas are fascinating. Especially their faces. They are all fluffy and hairy and sweet. How cool would it be to have a llama just hanging out in the backyard? I’d like that. For those of us who are llama-less at the moment, there are always stickers! These cuties are available now in the shop. Let me know if you’re a llama lover too!

kikki.K Sweet Collection

kikki.K released the Sweet collection recently and it certainly brings the cute! The collection features everything from magnetic bookmarks through to beautiful large leather planner. If you are a fan of Pugs and cats (who isn’t?) you’ll love this collection.

Here are my Sweet collection highlights.

1. kikki.K Leather Personal Planner – Sweet / 2. kikki.K magnetic page markers – Sweet / 3. kikki.K A5 to do list pad – Sweet / 4. kikki.K Pencil Case Pug – Sweet / 5. Cat and Pug Ballpoint Pen 4PK – Sweet / 6. Cat Pin – Sweet

Back-to-school stickers – making light work of labelling

Pencil stickers

It’s back-to-school time in some parts of the world. These few weeks before school starts has long been one of my favourite times of year! I know that there are a million and one things that need labelling so I created these simple, customisable stickers that are perfect for labelling stationery supplies and all the other bits and pieces. They are up on my Etsy store – Happy Mail Day – now.

Need a custom sticker? Get in touch.

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