Saatchi Online

I swear I could spend hours browsing through online art galleries like Saatchi. As you all know I’m a big fan of art and I’ve been steadily growing a collection, albeit a small one, for the last few years.

I seem to have a leaning towards moody landscapes and mixed media collage – although I do have a soft spot for intricate illustrations too. What kind of art appeals to your eyes?

Have a browse through Saatchi online but be warned – it won’t be a quick visit!

1. FOR MY OTHER (text, ink on found paper) by Krista Berga .
2. Well its not looking good from up here by Claire Brewster.
3. Storm 8 by Masri Hayssam.
4. Box 20 by Jonathan David Lange.
5. Maybe We Might II by Sarah-Jane Muskett.
6. Texture I by Anna Vinokurova.
7. Unfounded Notes by Jerry Seguin.
8. untitled by Thomas Gromas.