Spoooooky Halloween goodies (part one)

When I was a kid we didn’t celebrate Halloween. No-one got dressed up. No-one went trick or treating and there certainly wasn’t any Halloween related ‘stuff’ in stores. That has changed. I can now buy massive Halloween branded pumpkins to carve from Woolies and we always get a motley assortment of teenagers rock up on our door step (sans costumes I might add) demanding lollies after dark.

I’m not sure what Halloween is actually about (I suspect it has something to do with pumpkin farmers and lolly manufacturers) but if I can send a card to celebrate it, it’s alright with me.

#1 – Bat notecard by Presse Dufour.
#2 – Grinning pumpkin by Pike Street Press.
#3 – Halloween party invitations by Keva, Ink.
#4 – Darkness there and nothing more print by Tag Team Tompkins.
#5 – Haunted House card by Fat Bunny Press.