Krissy’s favourite things

Sooooo it’s my birthday today. I’m 39 this year. Yep, the big 3.9. The one-year-til-40 panic has well and truly started but it’s cool because I don’t actually feel old. I think my brain stopped aging around 30, at least that’s what it feels like.

I’m not above celebrating myself and my birthday milestones so today’s post is in honour of things I love. I’m dubbing it Krissy’s favourite things (very original, yes?). If I was as rich and as well connected as Oprah I would give you all one of each of these things because without you, dear reader, this blog would be nothing. Thank you. Happy My Birthday to all! xoxo

1. Do or Die notepad by Rifle Paper Co.
2. Chanel – Le Vernis Taboo nail polish.
3. Kate Spade Pop Art Check iPad Sleeve.
4. Alan Ginsberg print by Lucy Loves This.
5. Delfonics Mechanical Pencil – Notemaker.
6. Pieces of Porcelain.
7. It’s All For You – Canton Box Company.
8. Ampersand pillow by Linnea Swedish Design.

Yay for May!

It’s May – yay! May is my birth month (May 21st) and trust me when I say I am not one for sweeping my birthday under the rug. I love my birthday! I love celebrating my birthday! I love presents (hint, hint). I don’t like the fact that I’m edging closer towards 40 but hey let’s not talk about that, ok?!

In honour of it being May I thought we’d take a look at some emerald beauties.

1. Amanda Catherine Designs.
2. Tabitha Brown.
3. Ashley Pahl.
4. Emerald Green Moleskine from Notemaker.
5. A Precious Memory.