Let it snow 15 snow-themed Christmas cards

So, while it’s stinking hot on Christmas Day here, other parts of the world wake up to a white Christmas. How awesome is that? This planet rules!

Lets dream of a little snow shall we?

Clap Clap Design


Jersey’s Freshest

Amanda White Art

Girl Party Shop

Le Trango

Sign Fall

Print Smitten

Jessica Hogarth

Corazones de Papel

Cheeky Little Bugger


Georgianna Lane

Bobbie Print

Feb 10 Design

Worthwhile Paper

Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing a new (to me) pretty paper business called Worthwhile Paper. I love the earth-friendly ethos that designer Kristen Drozdowski has adopted. “I use water based screen printing inks in a green environment and print on recycled white & kraft paper. All of my envelopes are made from recycled paper. All rubber stamps are made out of 100% renewable-resource red rubber. Yay!”

Definitely Yay-worthy!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7.

Saying Sorry

Sometimes friendships falter. In some cases it’s easy to pinpoint where things went wrong. In others, the root of the problem is buried beneath mutual neglect or the old ‘growing apart’ excuse.

There is a particular friend that I lost that I regret terribly. I was a bad friend. I let her go. This post is for my friend that got away.

Don’t let your friends get away too. Send them a card (like one of these beauties) post haste!

1. Sad Shop.
2. Hum With Me.
3. The Little Illustrator.
4. Sam Osborne Store.
5. Able & Game.