Office Inspiration #026

Hey there! Happy Monday. I really like this week’s office inspiration (from Waiting on Martha’s one room challenge). The space is simple, neat and uncluttered – pretty much the polar opposite of what my workspace looks like. Even though I know that I work better when my surroundings are tidy, I will continue to struggle in this chaos. I know I’m not the only one who does this (right guys?). In my case, it comes down to pure laziness. I know I should declutter but this chair is really, really comfortable. It’s a very bad habit that I have to overcome and I will…some day.

What’s the current state of your creative space? Leave a pic in the comments or show me on Facebook.

Office inspiration #020

I’m pretty sure I say this all the time but oh my gawd I can’t wait ’til we move into a place of our own. I’m looking forward to total wall freedom and the joy that will surely follow with the ability to put art wherever I want! The problem is, I’ve never owned a house before and I have NO clue where to start and unfortunately this lack of knowledge makes it really easy to fall into a pattern of inaction. Do you live in your own home? How did you get started on the path to owning your own home? Share your secrets and advice with me oh wise homeowners!

I can definitely see a situation like this happening in my own home. Gene Meyer’s creative space speaks to me on so many levels. I love the four different shades of green that anchor the space, I think they are pretty important. And the collage, oh the collage. I love it. I kinda feel like that is what the inside of my brain looks like – snapshots of colour and images that meld together in perfect chaos.


I’m suffering from a distinct lack of storage space in my current office setup and it drives me bonkers. We’re renting which means we can’t put up shelves and it’s hard to find standalone furniture that fits the bill. I think that’s what I love about this office space – so much (by the look of it) built-in storage cabinets.


15 nice, bright offices

I have a problem. I’m addicted to Pinterest. I could spend days and days and days pinning things that inspire me. I’m a visual person so curating boards is like heaven for me.

While on Pinterest I’ve been amassing a collection of my favourite offices and creative spaces. Today I give you 15 of the loveliest, most inspiring office setups using the classic combination of black and white. (Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!)