Notemaker becomes Milligram Studio

So Notemaker dropped some pretty big news yesterday. They’ve announced a few changes, the first being a name change from Notemaker to Milligram Studio. They’ll also be opening physical stores (the first being in Melbourne) as well as launching their own stationery line. All existing Notemaker goodies – like the coveted ‘Friend for life’ status (yes, of course I have it) will remain the same. It sounds like there are some exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to see what comes next for the team.

Speaking of things coming next, I’m really liking the look of the Milligram branded diaries. They’re beautifully designed (they collabed with Beci Orpin on the design so it’s a given), with simple, yet usable layouts and they can (apparently) withstand most pens and fountain pen ink which is always a bonus. I’ll be sure to get my hands on one or two so stay tuned.

Notemaker's new Milligram brand diaries are cute
Notemaker's new Milligram brand diaries are cute
Notemaker's new Milligram brand diaries are cute

2017 Diary Round-up: #1 18 month Moleskine


OK, I know it’s only August, but my mind is already on 2017. As it’s nearing the start of the new academic year in some parts of the world a lot of brands are releasing 18-month diaries, while others are getting in early and releasing next year’s now. As I am a mad diary/journal fiend, I’m going to be sharing some diaries over the next few weeks. I will also be giving a few away too so stay tuned.

The first diary I’m reviewing is an 18 month Moleskine. It’s a large (14cm x 21cm), weekly diary with a soft, yet sturdy black cover with a cloth ribbon and elastic band closure.

There is one thing above all else you can be sure of when you use a Moleskine, and that is longevity. In the past I’ve used Moleskines as diaries and as journals and those books have lasted just shy of ten years. While the majority of Moleskines that I’ve used have been hard cover, soft black covers last well also so don’t be put off by it.

I’m working from home most of the time, but I need to know that my diary will handle a little bit of rough love. I can’t have my diary disintegrate after being thrown into a bag or the car. That’s the great thing about Moleskines – they don’t mind a bit of rough treatment. Even if you manage to get a little scuffing, it doesn’t get much worse, and it adds to the character of the cover (much like the way worn and scuffed Midori TN’s work).


Quick six facts about this 18-month Moleskine

1. The diary runs from July 2016 through December 2017.
2. The inside paper is an off-white cream colour.
3. I’ve never had a problem with bleeding through the paper, and I’ve used a lot of different pens over the years.
4. A week-at-a-glance appears on the left with about five rows to input text.
5. On the opposite side of the week-at-a-glance is a sheet of blank, ruled paper.
6. There’s a handy pocket with stickers affixed to the inside back cover of the book.

The only thing that I don’t like about this Moleskine diary is that the monthly calendars are at the front of the book. I’m used to a monthly calendar being just before the start of the month pages. It’s a small gripe I know, but I thought I’d better mention it.

Can’t wait ’til next year to grab a new diary? Get your hands on an 18 month Moleskine now!

(Thanks to Notemaker for sending me this diary. Please know that I review everything I’m sent honestly. I just happen to love Moleskine!)

The Day Designer 2016

I’m always on the hunt for diaries/planners that are cute but comprehensive enough for me to fill in all the things I need to do each day. I’ve tried a lot and while I love my Filofaxes and kikki.k planners I keep going back to the Day Designer.
I’m now on my second DD (I get the August edition) and it works for me. There’s enough space to write my to-do’s as well as calendared appointments, things that are due and notes from the day. Want to find out if the Day Designer is for you? Head over to the Day Designer website and grab a downloadable page to try.

Day Designer
Gold Stripe

Day Designer
Chloe Floral

Day Designer
Black Stripe

Follow the Day Designer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Frankie Daily Journal giveaway!

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? Today is the last work day of the year for me and I can’t wait to do….well…nothing! But before I go away I thought we’d do a little giveaway – how does that sound?

I’ve got a 2015 Frankie Daily Journal thanks to my friends at Nation State to give to some lucky person. Entries open now and close at 12:00am Christmas Day!
(I’m sorry International folks – this one’s just for Aussies.)

There are a few ways to enter and I’ll be picking the lucky person who wins at random, so go forth and enter!

Smiggle diaries

One thing Smiggle is known for is their use of vibrant, bold colours. If you’ve ever walked into a Smiggle store you’ll know what I mean. All of their products are categorised by colour which is a fantastic way to shop.

Their diaries are something else though. Check out the brightest, most dazzling 2014 diaries that the kids will love!
(They are also 25% off at the moment. Check the website for Christmas delivery cut off times)

1. Spots A6 Diary 2014.
2. Boys Summer A5 Diary 2014.
3. Sports Ball A5 Diary 2014.
4. Hearts A5 Lock Diary 2014.
5. Cats A5 Lock Diary 2014.
6. Girls Summer A5 Diary 2014.
7. Elephant A5 Diary 2014.
8. Candy A5 Diary 2014.

Calling all Frankie lovers

Exciting news Frankie fiends, you can pre-order the Frankie diary and Frankie calendar now! These always sell out so if you want to get your hands on one order it now.

This year’s artists include Beci Orpin, Ana Albero, Amanda Blake and lots of other clever creative peeps. The daily journal has a botanical theme and includes a selection of special treats like postcards, shopping lists, sticker sheets and a hidden pocket. Awesome!

Quick sticks, order yours today!

Win a Jessica Hische Pocket Planner!

Today Is The Day Diary

Want to win one of these super cute Jessica Hische Today Is The Day Pocket Planners that I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well you can!

I’d like to know what your favourite family holiday tradition is. Do you do something kooky? Have you created new traditions in the last few years? Does your family have any long standing traditions? I want to hear all about them. Leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner at random on the evening of December 13th. And yes, this competition is open to international readers too.

A brand new diary AND a special offer!

Oh I love new diaries! 365 days worth of blank pages make me want to start the new year NOW! Yes, I know that we’re still a couple of months away from January 1st but I’ve learnt the hard way – it’s better to get your diary early than miss out on the one you want.

My trusty old Filofax Metropol will be shelved in 2012 in favour of a brand new red Moleskine that I got from the lovely folks at Nation State.

I’ve had Moleskine diaries in the past and there are a few features that I love. This Large Daily has plenty of space to write notes, which is something I do a lot of. In other diaries there is hardly enough room to write down appointments or a to-do list. Not so with this particular Moleskine. With a day to a page there is plenty of room.

The Moleskine also has a nice hard cover. It feels really solid and can withstand a little tough love. The cover doesn’t get tatty either, which is great. I’ve still got perfect looking Moleskine’s from 2006. They last.

And finally, I’m a big fan of the expandable pocket that is attached to the back cover. It’s the perfect spot for random ephemera like ticket stubs, photos and little notes that you collect over the course of the year.

The only downside is that it’s only October 5th and I have to wait aaaagggeees to use my new little beauty!

A special offer for you!
Nation State has given Pretty Paper Things readers 10% off all orders placed in the next week (valid until October 11). So get in quick and grab a diary (or any of their other goodies)! Use the code “PRETTYPAPERTHINGS” at the checkout.

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to receive this diary for free from Nation State. Having said that, I would have gladly paid for it. Love, love, love my new Moleskine!