O.K. I know that 99.9% of the offices/workspaces that I feature on PPT are white I do admit I have a fascination with dark, moody spaces too. This office is my dream space for writing my (still unfinished but very close) novel. It’s inspiring and dark and enveloping. I could see myself being very happy there. Are you a fan of darker creative spaces or are you a fan of brighter rooms?

Office Inspiration 15

Moody hues

Do you ever have an overwhelming desire to totally switch out all the art that is hanging in your home? It must be a seasonal thing. As we down here tiptoe through autumn and onto the winter months I’m feeling less flowery and more moody seascape.

Do you get the moody winter blues or do you embrace single digit ℃’s with open (but cold) arms ?

1. Black and white abstract – Paul Maguire Art.
2. Mockingbird Mud Art – Stacey A Fleming.
3. Darkness – Margaret Lillian.
4. Rainy window – Dull Blue Light.