Moustache Stationery – A monthly box of YAY!

Moustache Stationery

For anyone who is new to this blog you might not know it but there are two things I love, love, looooooove and they are getting things in the mail and stationery (duh!). Imagine how freaking excited I was when I came across Moustache Stationery. They manage to combine my two loves into one, convenient package!

Moustache Stationery is a monthly box of awesomeness stationery-style curated by two dapper gents, James and Simone. We’re not talking ho-hum boring stationery either – they choose some quality products. Each month has a new theme too which is fun.

Want to get in on the action? Of course you do! Sign up to the Moustache Stationery newsletter to get $10 off the purchase of your first box! Yay!

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