kikki.K Sweet Collection

kikki.K released the Sweet collection recently and it certainly brings the cute! The collection features everything from magnetic bookmarks through to beautiful large leather planner. If you are a fan of Pugs and cats (who isn’t?) you’ll love this collection.

Here are my Sweet collection highlights.

1. kikki.K Leather Personal Planner – Sweet / 2. kikki.K magnetic page markers – Sweet / 3. kikki.K A5 to do list pad – Sweet / 4. kikki.K Pencil Case Pug – Sweet / 5. Cat and Pug Ballpoint Pen 4PK – Sweet / 6. Cat Pin – Sweet

Instagrammer of the week #026 – May Designs

If you’re looking for a splash of colour to brighten up your Insta feed I suggest you follow May Designs. They make these really cute and colourful personalised notebooks, agendas and stationery. The patterned covers are so bright and being able to choose custom features is such a great way to get exactly what you want. If you’re a notebook fiend like me be prepared to spend ages scrolling through their pretty pictures! Follow May Designs on Instagram. You can thank me later.

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Outer Space – a new back to school sticker theme

In Australia the new school year starts in a few weeks. As a kid I always loved this time of year. I loved hunting down the list of school supplies we needed to buy. I loved how sharp the points of new pencils were. I loved the smell of new erasers and I loved the feeling of smoothing ConTact over new books and the abject horror of finding a bubble somewhere on the book’s cover (that I’d pick at for the rest of the school year).

One of the best parts about the new school year is labelling everything (well, it excites me!). If this task doesn’t fill you with joy I’ve created some sticker sets that will make the process a breeze. You can find them on my Etsy store now!

What other sticker themes should I create?

Instagrammer of the week # 007 – Paper Trail Diary

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another Instagrammer of the week! This week I’ve chosen one of my recent new finds Jessica from Paper Trail Diary. I love her feed. So much snail mail fun happening!

Make sure you follow Paper Trail Diary on Instagram and while you’re there follow me too!

Moustache Stationery – A monthly box of YAY!

Moustache Stationery

For anyone who is new to this blog you might not know it but there are two things I love, love, looooooove and they are getting things in the mail and stationery (duh!). Imagine how freaking excited I was when I came across Moustache Stationery. They manage to combine my two loves into one, convenient package!

Moustache Stationery is a monthly box of awesomeness stationery-style curated by two dapper gents, James and Simone. We’re not talking ho-hum boring stationery either – they choose some quality products. Each month has a new theme too which is fun.

Want to get in on the action? Of course you do! Sign up to the Moustache Stationery newsletter to get $10 off the purchase of your first box! Yay!

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Marvelous Moglea

It will come as absolutely no surprise to most of you that I LOVE mail. I love sending it. I love receiving it. This week I’ve caught up on my overdue snail mail – it’s always a great feeling putting a bunch of letters in the post box!

With letter writing comes the inevitable hunt for more stationery which brings me to Moglea. These gorgeous letterquettes would make a very welcome addition to any letter writers out there.

(P.S. Want to be my pen pal? My address is over there on the side bar –>)

Moglea Letterquette sets
Moglea – Anemone Letterquette

Moglea Letterquette setsMoglea – Morse Code Letterquette

Moglea Letterquette setsMoglea – Painted Geometry

Smiggle goes RED!

Smiggle fans said they wanted RED and guess what? They got it!

My favourite color joins the rest of the colorful Smiggle crew from today onwards. Not only is RED the colour of good luck in Chinese, or the colour that makes cars go faster, it is now the colour of your favourite Smiggle pens and pencils, lunchboxes, pencil cases, backpacks, gadgets and gizmos!

RED goodies (like the ones below) will be showing up in-store as of today so keep your eyes peeled!