TYPO I need you

My office is irritating me at the moment. I think it’s because I desperately need more storage. It could also be the fact that the cats have taken over the prize real estate that is my dear Nanna’s writing desk. I’m now fighting a 14 year old cat and 12 week old kitten for the privileged of its use. Darn cats.

We’re heading into the cooler months and I need something to give my space some life. That’s where TYPO comes in.

*1* Woodland calendar *2* Shadow box frame *3* Baroque whiteboard *4* Gnome pen holder *5* Gem hour glass *6* Test tube kit *7* Glass head money box *8* Wooden crate

Uppercase Magazine Issue 17 – Special Stationery Issue

There are few things in life that I love (apart from family of course. Family is always first – above and beyond any list such as this). I love stationery, thunderstorms, magazines, music (especially Elliott Smith) and writing. Five things. This blog post contains three of my five favourite things (stationery, magazines and writing) and it’s all in honour of the latest issue of Uppercase magazine. Have you seen it? If you’re a paper nerd in any capacity you must get a copy and read it. It’s chock full of everything stationery related. It is beyond words but I will try my best to explain how awesome it is.

I work best in lists so here is a list of ten things I love about this issue. I could write a list of 100 things but perhaps you can get your hands on a copy and figure out the other 90 for yourself.

  1. It has a scratch and sniff portion on the cover. Scratch and sniff stickers were a big deal in the 80’s when I was a kid. I LOVE that they are making a comeback. I loved reading about them in this issue too. Mental note: buy this book.
  2. I loved reading the Kristina Karlsson feature.
  3. The Art of Engraving feature was really interesting and explained an intricate process and history very well.
  4. I loved the image of the drawers full of engraved monograms. I would love my own monogram – how cool would that be?!
  5. Carolyn Fraser explored the world of pen pals. I love pen pals (Hi Carla!) and I love letters. The world would be a better place if more letters were sent. I think they make the soul happy.
  6. Did you know you could order custom peel and stick wax seals online? I didn’t until I read Uppercase!
  7. The Q&A with Dinara Mirtalipova was pretty fascinating.
  8. The Stationery Guide was amazing. Reading through those 50 profiles was inspiring. I would imagine that the 10 Industry Insider tips would come in really handy if you are a stationer. Very interesting reading.
  9. Papercut Bindery where have you been all my life? Expect an order from me soon!
  10. Finally, I loved Donaville Herrick’s look at personal paper style.

Seriously, if you love paper get your hands on a copy of this. Grab your copy now over at Mag Nation – you won’t be disappointed.

(Special thanks to my friends at Mag Nation who gifted me a copy of Uppercase Issue 17 – Special Stationery Issue. Thank you!)

Mr Boddington’s Studio

I love finding new stores that make and sell pretty paper things! Mr Boddington’s Studio is a new (to me) find. While they do beautiful wedding stationery, they also have some really pretty correspondence sets and Christmas goodies. Want to see? Of course you do! Visit their website or have a read of their blog.

Source: mrboddington.com via Krissy on Pinterest

Source: mrboddington.com via Krissy on Pinterest

Source: mrboddington.com via Krissy on Pinterest