The Forever of Ella and Micha – a review

What’s up paper nerds? January is over and done – how crazy is that. 2014 certainly got off to a feverish start (I threw in the feverish part because I’ve had a fever/chest infection for the last bajillion weeks – my pathetic attempt at witty humour).

Today I am so stoked to be sharing a book review written by resident reviewer Bec. You’ll be seeing a lot more book and magazine reviews from now on so yay!

The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorenson continues the impassioned modern day romance of Ella and Micha originally set out in The Secret of Ella and Micha. While reading the first book in a series is always recommended, Forever is able to stand well enough on its own, as it delves into the difficulties of maintaining a long distance relationship, with Ella pursuing education and Micha touring the country with his band.

Both Ella and Micha are real people – the people you see in a café, at school or on the bus. They are characters with their own sets of very real problems that they need to handle and accept.

Sorenson has dealt with some deep issues is this book, and as such I would recommend it for readers aged 18+.

It is a story that is desperate and hopeful; somber and sexy; heartbreaking and beautiful.

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Bec is a full-time worker, a part-time student, a when-the-occasion-calls-for-it drama queen and a forever-and-always booklover. Her love affair with books began when she was 3, and she hasn’t been without a book in her hand since. She is also a self confessed nerd and she embraces that title with open arms. She is very excited to share her thoughts with you and hopes you enjoy!