The Wild Colonial Company

I was going to save these lovelies for Australia Day but I thought they’d make great stocking stuffers! If you like Australian-themed stationery you will get a kick out of these notebooks from The Wild Colonial Company.

As a proud Aussie I love seeing products that celebrate our history and unique place in the world. I think The Wild Colonial Company (brainchild of former Murdoch Books CEO Juliet Rogers) captures this spirit perfectly with these recently released items.

Florence Broadhurst
Florence Broadhurst was one of Australia’s most prolific designers, known for her eclectic, pattern-fuelled handmade wallpaper designs. The Wild Colonial Company has re purposed Broadhurst’s designs, dialed up the vibrancy and created a range of beautifully made notebooks and journals.
Bonzer Ration Journal – Red
These bonzer journals are Australian retro at its very best. Designed and published in association with the Australian War Memorial, they celebrate First World War Aussie slang (that we still use to this day) and period imagery. Again, these notebooks are exquisitely made, quirky and practical.

Know someone who’d love a notebook (or two)? Head to The Wild Colonial Company and view the whole range.