Wedding Invitations

Today I’m sharing some of the sweet wedding invitations/suites that have caught my eye over the past month. Personally I’m digging anything chalkboardesque so number three has the vote for my fictional wedding!

1. Just Invite Me
2. Bella Baroque Design
3. Yours Is The Earth
4. Printerette Press
5. In Or Out Media
6. Bow & Arrow Paper Co
7. iwedfred
8. Whoa Nellie Press


  1. Betty Seu March 8, 2013

    I’m Australian and we Aussies always want our stuff to be unique. Wedding Invitations included. My wedding planner told me about Unique Custom Products in the USA. I emailed and called them and they made me beautiful wooden invitations.Our engagement picture was engraved and the design was simply awesome.Also, we stayed within our budget. All you brides out there…check them out at (877)

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