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I’d like to know what your favourite family holiday tradition is. Do you do something kooky? Have you created new traditions in the last few years? Does your family have any long standing traditions? I want to hear all about them. Leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner at random on the evening of December 13th. And yes, this competition is open to international readers too.


  1. Chisa December 6, 2011

    Oooh so pretty!

    My favourite family tradition is Christmas lunch with my mum’s side – we don’t bother with the usual traditional Christmas food and eat curry, mohinga, Indian sweets and falooda. We still have a ‘kids table’ even though the youngest ‘kids’ are 18 and the eldest 30.

  2. Nicole Davis December 6, 2011

    My favourite ritual is that every Christmas morning in Perth we run or cycle to Cottesloe beach for breakfast at 8am under the pines with a group of friends. Who is there changes every year but it is always a relaxed and happy start to Christmas day with a bonus bit of exercise thrown in. A swim, a glass of bubbles and sometimes it is a push to make it home by lunchtime :-). It would not feel like Christmas in Perth if the day did not start out on Cottesloe beach.

  3. Karen December 7, 2011

    We have my husband’s family dinner and presents on Christmas Eve followed by my immediate family opening stocking presents on Christmas morning. We then wait the ENTIRE day, swimming in the pool or on a slip’n’slide before seeing my family Christmas night where my favourite tradition happens. Each gift’s tag is read out individually and we all sit and watch while the person opens the present. This goes round the circle until all the presents are gone. Our ritual can sometimes take HOURS!! So my Christmas ends up being well over 24 hours long. 😀

  4. Diana December 7, 2011

    We have champaign when we
    Open the presents! A delight! We used to pair it with gooey cinnamon rolls, leaving us all in a sugar high until we all collapsed for a naP

  5. Claire December 7, 2011

    Family dinner on Christmas Eve: I actually requested this tradition as a moody teen as I wanted to sleep in on Christmas Day and thus open my presents the night before!

    It’s stuck & since has more merit given my boyfriend and I now drive all over WA to see all our families over the Christmas period.

    This year it’s at my place and my ninety-year-old Grandad will be in attendance. <3

  6. Felicia December 8, 2011

    With our extended families overseas we enjoy Christmas morning opening presents with the kids. Then we love to invite our orphaned friends (or those who wish to escape their own christmas bedlam) to join us in the afternoon and share Nigella’s Anglo-Italian Trifle (I make one every year), gnaw on some leg-ham rolls and sip Pimms in the garden till the sun goes down and the kids (and us) roll into bed.

  7. Crafty Mommy December 12, 2011

    Nothing kooky here! We just get together with family on Christmas Eve & eat ourselves silly!! We can unwrap 1 present (usually something we’ve made) after dinner. Then we sit by the fire and chat. One of my favourite days of the year for sure. Merry Christmas xx

  8. Alice December 12, 2011

    My Mum, Aunt and I always do a lot of baking on Christmas eve. Usually shortbread cookies or gingerbread men. We do that in the morning (we start at 7am!!) then lunch in the city. Such a nice way to relax before the chaos.

  9. Shannon December 13, 2011

    Growing up, my families holiday tradition was to drive around on Christmas eve to look at all the wonderful Christmas lights in the neighborhood. My mom, sister and me would be gone for at least an hour….there was so much to see.

    Now….that I’ve grown up, graduated from collage, aren’t living with the parents….I’ve got to develop some new Holiday traditions.

  10. Michele December 13, 2011

    We play my Mom’s old Christmas LP’s. She has an incredibly dorky collection. lol

  11. Jen Destura December 13, 2011

    My favorite holiday family tradition would be the family gathering we have every Christmas Eve. We’d wait for 12 midnight to strike and it is only by then we get to open our gifts we received from our relatives. But before 12, we always make sure we catch up with everything that’s happened between each other since we’re such a big family! Also, every family’s food specialty is always brought on the table!

  12. Aspen.R November 25, 2012

    My family keeps a corner of raping paper from each year and we plan to make all the peaces into one roll. It’s a crazy tradition but once finished i believe it will hold the key to some great memories.

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